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Nutritional Consultations.


At Bliss Point, we offer holistic nutrition and wellness coaching, providing the tools you need to change your life and the lives of those you love through proper nutrition.  Including discussion and practical information on holistic nutrition and culinary arts, we provide guidance toward making daily diet and lifestyle decisions that support improved health and personal growth.  Recognize and change poor nutrition habits and learn to incorporate positive health changes into your life. Increase your energy, improve your health, and elevate your mood with food.


Learn to eat healthy, to make measurable changes in your diet, lifestyle, and attitude that will leave a lasting, positive imprint on your health and longevity. With support on how to manage food addictions, cravings, and lifelong poor eating and lifestyle habits.  


You will learn to enhance your relationship with food, body, self and others through nutrition, mindfulness and support.

Cooking Classes.


Learn to make delicious, seasonal meals from scratch. Become happier, healthier, and more secure by cooking and eating real, fresh food again! You'll reduce your grocery bills and probably your medical bills as well. You'll have the joy of vibrant health and the relief of being able to eat well on even a small budget.


You'll take home a handout with recipes and core skills to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  Learn to prepare fresh recipes with local, seasonal food from scratch.  You'll enjoy fabulous, healthy food, kill your cravings, and actually have fun in the kitchen.

Chef Sarah is NRAEF ServSafe Certified.

Please contact her for quotes on additional services.